We do communication.


Everybody has ideas. Some of them are good; most of them are mundane. But having great, innovative ideas and finding new paths to move forward requires process, diligence and just a spark of brilliance. We create platforms and environments for those ideas to be uniquely and successfully realized. We listen, observe and get inspired by working with great people and interesting organisations.


The transition from ideas to action requires strategy. In order to design the conditions for change to take place we combine an innovative approach with tried and tested frameworks of management, marketing and planning. We carefully study the present conditions, assess future conditions and design a work layout suited to our client’s specific needs. We understand budgets and targets, we know how to excite people and we know how to make things happen. We facilitate and clarify that concrete move needed to transform ideas into a solid, productive action.


We bring about change. What distinguishes us is our sharp focus on simplicity, practicality, energy and form. We know that in order to succeed, everyone involved has to become part of the process of development and change. Each of our projects pulls together a unique group of professionals from different backgrounds – strategists, thinkers, designers, programmers, film makers and others – to challenge the status quo, innovate and ultimately to improve.


meet the founders

Co-founder of SCHOCKEN+ branding agency and in charge of Business Development. A Director at DADA Development Inc., an ex-officer in unit 8200 of the IDF and previously head of Business Department at the Peres Center for Peace.

Entrepreneur and innovator. Co-founder of SCHOCKEN+ branding agency and Creative Director. Was involved in businesses in the fields of fashion, art, design and real estate around the world. Graduated with honors from the Man and Communication department of the Design Academy Eindhoven in the Netherlands.

+ Volvo 2014

New Generation Launch Presentation

+ Bruck

Branding & Stationery

+ Tel Aviv Municipality

Tel Aviv Tourist Map

+ Tel Aviv Municipality

Digitel Campaign

+ Israel Securities Authority

Official Website

+ Barista


+ United Nude

Print & Online Campaign


Informational Video & Website

+ Tel Aviv Municipality

Habima Square Fence

+ Keter

Product Promotional Video

+ Global City Tel Aviv

Study Tel Aviv

+ Global City Tel Aviv

Open Startup 2012

+ Volcani Center

Boardroom Decor

+ Rishpon

Retail Promotion

+ Global City Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv Passport

+ Social Clinic


+ Tumai

Promotional Flyer Design

+ Abcher


+ Israel Securities Authority


+ Tel Aviv Municipality

City Hall Memorial

+ Teva Tari

Brand Identity & Promotional Design

+ Global City Tel Aviv

Cities Summit Tel Aviv 2012

+ Wallabe


+ Hiyuli

Branding, Web Design & Promotional Work

+ Tel Aviv Municipality

Mayor's Modular Presentation

+ Dorot

Branding & Web Design

+ Fistuki


+ Volvo 2013

V40 Launch Presentation

+ Keter Kids