Tel Aviv Tourist Map

The Tel Aviv Municipality approached us with an exciting new project: reinventing Tel Aviv’s public city map. But a fresh can of paint wasn’t enough – the new maps had to be modern, easy to use, beautiful – but most of all had to be useful to the city’s international guests.

Doing so meant much more than just making the map pretty. Working with tourists, we inquired as to what information mattered to them. We joined forces with different municipal divisions in order to map cultural spots, public transportation services, public gardens and gyms, post office locations, “Tel-O-Fun” public bicycle stations, hotels, tourist information kiosks, and much more. We tested and retested until we struck the perfect balance between form and function.

The result? Come see for yourself (…or take a look down below). Visit TLV and never get lost again!

Street Signs
Squared Kilometers Mapped
Points of Interest
City Streets
Informational Layers

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Tel Aviv Tourist Map

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